Blockchain, innovation and security from a corporate perspective

Track 6: Blockchain, innovation and security from a corporate perspective


In February 2017, the European Parliament published an in-depth report with a very engaging title: “How blockchain technology can change our lives”. The basic message emerging from this report is the pervasiveness of the potential changes that this technology will unleash in the years to come, along with the challenges facing regulators when it come to preventing potential deviations. With this in mind, this track invites analytical contributions and reflections that fully explore the varied operational potential related to the use of the blockchain for the transmission and storage of information, the innovative business and operational models that can arise from it, the potential weaknesses and new risks, especially with regards to security, the nascent potential and threats, the ethical implications, and social and sociological changes that can arise from it. There are countless sectors in which blockchain technology has potential, just as there are numerous potential fields of research: industry, services and financial markets, insurance, logistics and transport, media and communications, energy, public services and health, Internet of Things.

The first application of blockchain technology was crypto-currencies and the well-known example of Bitcoin is only the first of a multitude of virtual currencies created in recent years and actively traded on financial markets. However, this first application of the technology is being joined by a number of new, very interesting ones with the potential to revolutionise many sectors of private and public activity.

The main target of this call is contributions focusing on the following themes:

  • Blockchain, banking and finance
  • Blockchain and smart contracts
  • Management and tracking of supply chains
  • Transmission of digital content and copyright management
  • Patent protection through hashing and proof of existence
  • Electronic voting
  • Public services management
  • Blockchain technology and the issue of security and the protection of personal data.

Publication of contributions

The best contributions presented at the Conference may be fast-tracked to the following journals, subject to the ordinary refereeing process:

  • Bancaria(Editor in Chief: Tancredi Bianchi)
  • Journal of Financial Management, Markets and Institutions(Editor in Chief: Santiago Carbo-Valverde)
  • Rivista Bancaria – Minerva Bancaria(Editor in Chief: Prof. Giorgio Di Giorgio)